For our business clients we are offering OEM products too.
If you are interested please contact us at sales@electra-automation.at.

Apartment buildings solutions

The same TOUCH LINE innovative solutions are available for apartment buildings:

  • 8 mm secured GLASS surface & aluminium case
  • Up to 255 families
  • Integrated, strong IR lighting
  • Orientable color video camera ± 25° orientation angle and
    +92° visualization angle
  • Electronic display - the perfect solution for the residents` list
    in large buildings.
  • TOUCH keyboard with backlight,
  • -30° C … +60° C operating temperature range.
  • RFID secure access
  • FULL-DUPLEX hands-free communication
  • Extendable with additional video cameras (backdoor, parking), an additional command (f.e. garage gate), up to 4 panels in parallel.
  • Customizable. The components of our TOUCH LINE family are available:
        - With Basic or Evolution features
        - As video or audio only devices
        - In different colors (Black, White)
        - With flush or surface mounting
  • Highly flexible. The most complex outdoor panel - video Evolution - functions with all types of indoor terminals - audio or video, Basic or Evolution.


For more information send us an email at sales@electra-automation.at.